Excellent Ghost Walk - hanging on his every word!

"We were greeted by the ghost of Jock Rankine, Stirling's 18th century hangman, outside the Old jail on a crisp evening, ....... and then the show began. Non-stop history of some of Stirling's more colourful characters through the years, delivered with clever wit and timing, along with an excellent script. Highly recommended"

About Stirling Ghost Walk

T he Stirling GhostWalk began, in 1989 as a way of profiling the culture, character and locations of the historic Old Town area.

There is no shortage of visitor attractions in Stirling – with Stirling Castle, Argyll’s Ludging, the National Wallace Monument and Bannockburn Heritage Centre capably chronicling the exploits of Wallace and Bruce during the Wars of Independence and the glories of the Royal House of Stuart. The GhostWalk was a means of giving some of our lesser known characters and attractions a moment in the spotlight.

It was quickly clear that the Walk’s mix of comic characters, fun and frights was as popular with locals as with visitors to the Royal Burgh.

The Stirling GhostWalk is a guided tour of Stirling’s historic Old Town, running at 8.30pm from Tuesday - Saturdays in July and August, and on Friday and Saturday evenings at 8pm for the rest of the year. Starting at gates of the Old Town Jail on John Street (across from the Tolbooth music venue) the tour is led by actors in the guise of the spooks themselves, mixing drama, comedy and storytelling.

Jock Rankin, the ‘Happy Hangman’ leads the weekend tours, with new characters and stories being added - and a new show, using two or three actors produces each summer season.You may meet Blind Alick Lyon, the original ‘Manic Street Preacher, the amorous ‘Auld Staney Breeks’, the mysterious and deadly Green Lady or any of a host of other worthies and weirdies – Fear, Fun and Frights for Boys and Ghouls of all ages!

Frequently Asked Questions

1How much are tickets for the Stirling GhostWalk?
Adults - £8.00p Children & Concessions - £6.00p Family - £22.00p
2Where does the GhostWalk start?
We meet at the gates of the Old Town Jail, St John Street
3At what times are the GhostWalks?
Summer Shows start at 8.30pm from Fridays & Saturdays in July and August, and at 8.00pm on Fridays and Saturdays from September to June. In order that performances commence promptly, we would ask that patrons be at the gates of the Old Town Jail 10-15 minutes before the show is due to start. Selected dates are also offered each Halloween. Updates will be made for each of these on our Forthcoming and Special Events page. Special bookings for group events are available throughout the year.
4How Long does the GhostWalk take?
Usually the Stirling GhostWalk takes around 75 minutes to complete - a little longer or shorter, depending on the size of the audience. Off season (Fridays & Saturdays from September-to-June) the 8pm show should be finished by around 9.15pm. The 8.30pm summer shows (Tuesday-to-Saturday in July & August) are normally finished by 9.45pm.
5What happens when it rains?
The short answer is...we get wet! This is Scotland, folks. If we cancelled shows simply because it was raining, we'd never leave the crypt! On the very rare occasions where the weather was likely to make the GhostWalk dangerous underfoot, then, yes, we'd consider a cancellation...but even then we can usually follow wet-weather routes through the graveyards. We don't have a minimum audience requirement, so if even one or two people turn up on a wet/cold/icy/snowy/gale-force-windy night and they aren't put off by the quixotic chams of the Caledonian climate...we won't be, either! Please though, folks, remember we're in the open air, in Scotland, and walking through a graveyard for much of the tour - so dress appropriately and wear sensible shoes...especially in the Winter months!
6Do I need to Pre-Book?
It is best to book advance. We never cancel, and the benefit of open-air performance is that space is rarely an issue, so we can deal with tiny audiences and huge ones, too.
7Is the route accessible for those with mobility issues?
We change our routes regularly, and sometimes travel over rough ground in the Auld Kirkyard, next to the Church of the Holy Rude...which, though atmospheric, is not exactly 'wheelchair friendly'. That said, if necessary, we can usually change the route to accommodate patrons with mobility issues by following the 'wet weather' routes reserved for those rare nights when the grasslands of the graveyards become too muddy to be safely traversed. On such occasions we simply stick to the paths and pavements. We're in a Castle town, so we're on a steep hill from St John Street to the graveyard - the first part of the tour - but after that it levels out. We're happy to say that plenty of patrons have safely traversed the route on sticks, wheelchairs and mobility scooters. If patrons with mobility issues are in doubt, please drop us an e-mail. A little advance notice helps us alter OUR plans, but we're happy to do so.
8Is this a Ghost-Hunt?
No. We're not Ghost-Hunters or Ghostbusters! The GhostWalk is an entertainment, based on the history and mythology of the Old Town. Many of the tales we tell are based upon hauntings or incidents recorded in the history of the Burgh, but we are mainly interested in the stories and characters...not in proving if they are true. A list of the allegedly 'Haunted Places of Stirling' can be found in a special section of this website.
9Cancellation/Refund Policy
Put simply, from OUR end, we DON'T cancel. If a public tour is advertised - Fridays and Saturdays, September-to-June, Tuesday-to-Saturday in July and August - and there is an audience, it WILL happen. With tickets sold by various outlets, we can only refund under exceptional circumstances. Groups which have pre-booked or pre-paid for performances and need to cancel, for whatever reason, should contact the GhostWalk well in advance. If possible we will arrange discounts, or discuss moving the booking to another date. Bear in mind, please, that for public tours, refunds can be an issue. We try not to have more than one large pre-booked group on any of these performances, so advance cancellation gives us a chance to offer the places occupied by your group to other interesting parties.

Stirling’s Old Town was once described as ‘the most densely populated supernatural square mile in all of Scotland’. If you want a good ghost story, Stirling is definitely the place to be. There’s no shortage of Haunted Houses and Spooky Places.