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If our site goes offline it'll be back as soon as it can.


Reasonable steps are taken to ensure that this Website is available at all times. Websites do sometimes encounter downtime due to technical issues, as such we are not liable if this Website is unavailable.

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If we link to another website it doesn't mean we're responible for their content, if you link to ours don't make it appear that the work here is yours.


Any links to third party websites located on this Website are provided for user convenience. No reviews are taken of third-party websites and no responsibility accepted for their content by the owner of this Website. If you link to this Website, you may do so on the basis that you do not replicate any page on this Website and do not imply that endorsement of any services or products is made by the owner of this Website.

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We're human and sometimes get things wrong. If information on this site is incorrect we'd like to appologise but would appreciate it being pointed out to us for correction.


All reasonable steps are taken to ensure that the information on this Website is correct. No guarantee to the correctness or completeness of material on this Website is offered. No party contributing to the function of this Website shall be liability or responsible for any kind of loss or damage that may result to you or a third party as a result of your or their use of this Website. This exclusion shall include servicing, travel or repair costs and, without limitation, any other direct, indirect or consequential loss.

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