green-ladyThe Blue Lady of Stirling Castle

“A child I was, when first I came to this great Seat of Kings. A foolish puppet, made to dance… and always to another's tune. A pretty thing. Pleasing to a Princely eye – or so my father hoped, eager I should make a match within the Court, and thus advance the Drummond name. He bid me flaunt my youth and charms - to be an ornament… to decorate the arm of any noble fool who deigned to dart his eye at me.

King James – fourth of that House - he smiled on me: a smile that promised passion. Foolish child, I took those looks for love. My heart leapt as he took me in his arms, and I… I gave him my most precious gift… a secret which my mother bound me never to reveal, save to him to whom I’d yield my heart. I told him of my Second Sight – my skill to scry that which had not yet come to pass. He laughed at first. He thought I spoke in jest. But as I named those nobles I divined would rise in favour in his eye, or fall from courtly grace, and found I fashioned the very mirror of his will, he smiled on me, and I was sure my craft could serve my King. My love. My heart’s desire.

With each appointment, each decree, he'd seek the secret counsel of my hidden eye, and at my word one Earl might rise on Fortune's Wheel… another find disfavour in it's stead.

A dream came to me then – a Thistle and a Rose, entwined, pressed to my breast, a bloody bead upon the thorn. An ill omen. That was sure enough. My love should strike, I said, 'gainst Harry Tudor's Crown, lest Scotia come to harm! But James… he turned from me. He sought advantage by another means, he said - a marriage with proud Margaret, daughter to that English King, and I … and I was cast aside. But still, he said, I would be his, and his alone. My frail form, now, was nought to him… but still my Sight would serve His Royal Will.

I saw his former smiles for what they were - the honeyed lies of Princes. With all my Sight, how could I be so blind... be so deceived by one I thought so true?

I cursed him… cursed Him, then, for sake of foolish love - for blind ambition's flame burned black within His breast… . renounced his heart, his love, his kirk, his state and all the world of men. My Lord decreed so great a gift as mine could serve no other House than his. It was not safe to leave me free to seek revenge… to use my power for aught but him. Yet I lived on, in sufferance of his whim… so long as I might prophesy the fortunes of his Realm.

And I spoke truly to my lord… my love. At Flodden Field, I swore he’d find his just reward, his place in History – aye, there’s truth enough in that. There the glorious flower of his glitt'ring court would find their place amongst the honoured heroes of the age. I told no lie. Heroes all… the honour and the glory of their blood stain red the pages of our history, still.

Aye, for Flodden’s bloody mire is Jamie Stewart known above all else.

My name is lost... was lost while I still breath'd - and hate for Him has been my very breath in life... and death. A harbinger of doom to one and all am I. Bad tidings bring I in my wake.

Beware then, friends… and those that claim false fealty with a wicked heart. For, sure as dawn turns to day, I see that truth will find you out, in time.”

             Monologue taken from Stirling GhostWalk 1998 (c) David Kinnaird

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Stirling Castle, the busiest visitor attraction in Stirling, is open to the public every day, operated and maintained by Historic Scotland


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