jock rankin antiqueThey say that every stone to be found amid the huddled tenements, palaces and prisons of Stirling’s Old Town has a tale to tell… thankfully for us at the Stirling GhostWalk, most of these seem to be tales of the supernatural, the paranormal and… well… the just plain weird! The Royal Burgh’s bloody past has left it’s mark… with tales of Kings, Cut-Purses and Commoners, Jacobites, Roundheads and rebels.

Hardly surprising that these places have spawned many a strange and spooky tale. For your consideration, then, we are happy to present a small but spooky sample of some of the most famous Stirling ghost stories.

'Fact & Fiction'

Many of the tales are based on historical characters and incidents, and have evolved and been embellished by generations of storytellers.

In many cases truth is much stranger than fiction, and we're always eager for visitors to the show - and our website - to ask questions and look more deeply into the history behind the mystery. Some of these queries have prompted a new section of the site 'Fact and Fiction'. Find out more at

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