Where does the GhostWalk start?

We meet at the gates of the Old Town Jail, St John Street (next door to the SYHA Hostel)

Tickets for public tours can be booked from Stirling Old Town Jail www.oldtownjail.co.uk .

What is the GhostWalk?

The Stirling GhostWalk is a guided tour of Stirling’s historic Old Town, running at 8.30, Fridays & Saturdays in July and August, and on Friday and Saturday evenings at 8pm for the rest … Continue reading this FAQ

How much are tickets for the Stirling GhostWalk?

  Adults - £8.00p Children & Concessions - £6.00p Family - £22.00p   Tickets available via oldtownjail.co.uk While Covid restrictios remain there will be NO sales … Continue reading this FAQ

Where does the GhostWalk start?

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At what times are the GhostWalks?

Summer Shows start at 8.30pm from Fridays & Saturdays in July and August, and at 8.00pm on Fridays and Saturdays from September to June.   Check on availability and book at oldtownjail.co.uk    All … Continue reading this FAQ

When is the next GhostWalk?

Public tours are scheduled at 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays from September-to-June, and at 8.30pm on in July and August. Special shows may be scheduled during Hallowe'en Week and the Christmas Holidays. The … Continue reading this FAQ

How Long does the GhostWalk take?

Usually the Stirling GhostWalk takes around 75 minutes to complete - a little longer or shorter, depending on the size of the audience. Off season (Fridays & Saturdays from September-to-June) the … Continue reading this FAQ

What happens when it rains?

The short anwer is...we get wet! This is Scotland, folks. If we cancelled shows simply because it was raining, we'd never leave the crypt! On the very rare occasions where the weather was likely to make … Continue reading this FAQ

Do I need to Pre-Book?

Ordinarily audiences would not be required to pre-book. HOWEVER, while Covid Restrictions apply, tickets will ONLY be available, in advance, from oldtownjail.co.uk We never cancel, and the benefit of … Continue reading this FAQ

Is there a minimum number required for the show to go ahead?

For the scheduled public shows - 8pm Fridays and Saturdays from September to June - no. Rain, hail, sleet or Icelandic volcanic ash, if someone has come out to see the show then they will get … Continue reading this FAQ

Is the route accessible for those with mobility issues?

  It can be. We change our routes regularly, and sometimes travel over rough ground in the Auld Kirkyard, next to the Church of the Holy Rude...which, though atmospheric, is not exactly 'wheelchair … Continue reading this FAQ

Is this a Ghost-Hunt?

No. We're not Ghost-Hunters or Ghostbusters! The GhostWalk is an entertainment, based on the history and mythology of the Old Town. Many of the tales we tell are based upon hauntings or incidents … Continue reading this FAQ

Cancellation/Refund Policy?

Put simply, from OUR end, we DON'T cancel. If a public tour is advertised - Fridays and Saturdays, September-to-June, Tuesday-to-Saturday in July and August - and there is an audience, it WILL happen. With … Continue reading this FAQ

Where can I eat before/after the show?

Stirling has many fine restaurants and cafes, ranging from traditional Scottish fare to Thai, Chinese, Italian, Turkish, Indian, and all points in-between. Should you require suggestions, based upon your … Continue reading this FAQ

What else is there to do in Stirling?

There's a lot to do in Stirling and the surrounding area - from fine dining and museums, to Stirling Castle, Bannockburn and the National Wallace Monument. Details of many such amenities and attractions … Continue reading this FAQ

Any Other Questions?

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