Cancellation/Refund Policy

Put simply, from OUR end, we DON'T cancel.

If a public tour is advertised - Fridays and Saturdays, September-to-June, Tuesday-to-Saturday in July and August - and there is an audience, it WILL happen.

With tickets sold by various outlets, we can only refund under exceptional circumstances.

Groups which have pre-booked or pre-paid for performances and need to cancel, for whatever reason, should contact the GhostWalk well in advance. If possible we will arrange discounts, or discuss moving the booking to another date.

Bear in mind, please, that for public tours, refunds can be an issue. We try not to have more than one large pre-booked group on any of these performances, so advance cancellation gives us a chance to offer the places occupied by your group to other interesting parties.

What is the GhostWalk?

The Stirling GhostWalk is a guided tour of Stirling’s historic Old Town, running at 8.30, Fridays & Saturdays in July and August, and on Friday and Saturday evenings at 8pm for the rest … Continue reading this FAQ

How much are tickets for the Stirling GhostWalk?

  Adults - £8.00p Children & Concessions - £6.00p Family - £22.00p   Tickets available via While Covid restrictios remain there will be NO sales … Continue reading this FAQ