'The Scent of My Death'

The Happy Hangman, actor David Kinnaird, features in the new experimental binaural radio drama, 'The Scent of My Death', written by Simon Jake Gillespie of Haggis Films and engineered by his long-time collaborator Barry Frame.

The '3D-Sound' technology is nothing new, it was developed in France toward the end of the 19th-century, but is only now - with more and more people enjoying music and drama with headphones, via phones, i-Players and the like - being used for dramatic effect!

The Hangman had it easy. He recorded his narration in a warm studio - the other actors had to run around a freezing cold industrial estate in the middle of the night to record their dialogue. Proof, if proof were needed, that there's no business like show business!

For best effect, listen with headphones. Close your eyes, lie back and enjoy...Scottish zombies!


Written: Thursday April 10th, 5:50pm 2014

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