New Website for the Stirling GhostWalk

Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Stirling GhostWalk website.

In anticipation of a busy Summer Season we've updated our website to keep visitors better informed as to the activities, not only of the GhostWalk, but of other local attractions and events in Stirling.

We've also added links to our YouTube, Facebook and TripAdvisor pages, so you can share your thoughts on the show!

We're starting off with a selection of 'Tales From The Stirling GhostWalk', and, in 'Out & About', details of other places of interest for those who want to make the most of their time in Stirling. In 'About The Show' you can find out more about the Locations, Characters and History of the show...and the stories which have kept our many thousands of happy haunters entertained over the past twenty-five years!

More tales, features and galleries will be added in the weeks and months to if you have requests or suggestions, please e-mail The Happy Hangman, and let him know!

Visit often for details on how to sign up for our newsletter and be first to know about what's entertaining in Stirling during the weekend.

Written: Thursday March 13th, 4:08pm 2014

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