Haunted Houses The Thistles The BastionThe Bastion, The Thistles Shopping Centre

Beneath W.H.Smith's in the modern shopping Thistles Shopping mall lie the remains of The Bastion – a dismal ‘Thieves Pot’ or ‘Bottle Dungeon’, which once formed part of the defensive Burgh Wall.

Workers in adjacent shops regularly report strange noises and sensations here, and the sound of childrens’ laughter.

The pot WAS regularly visited by children, in the 19th-century, when child labourers were employed in the Iron Works, here...though one can’t imagine them doing much laughing.

Recently remodelled - with new wall displays and audio-commentary written by The Stirling GhostWalks's Happy Hangman, David Kinnaird - The Bastion re-opened in February 2018. Free to the public, it is open 9am-to-5.30pm Monday to Saturday (6pm Thursday - for late-night shopping), and 10am-5pm on Sundays!

Find out more about The Thistles at http://www.thethistles.com

Video at https://youtu.be/GU-tlTpbCV4 

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