Haunted Houses SYHA Hostel Erskine MarykirkSYHA Youth Hostel, St John Street

The current Scottish Youth Hostels Association hostel in Stirling occupies the refurbished Erskine Marykirk - the first church to secede from the authority of the Church of Scotland after the Reformatiom, and currently Stirling’s SYHA Youth Hostel.

The tomb of it's founder, Ebeneezer Erskine - almost as big as the hostel, itself, stands proudly before it, looking on to the Tolbooth in St John Street. Naughty Ebeneezer...didn't he know pride was a sin?

This fine monument has NO GHOST STORIES ATTACHED TO IT!

Why, then, do we include it among our Haunted Houses?

Simple...it’s the picturesque backdrop for the start of every performance of The Stirling GhostWalk!

Find out more at http://www.syha.org.uk/hostels-in-scotland/lowlands/stirling.aspx

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