Haunted Houses Gowan Hill BeheadingBeheading Stone, Gowan Hill

Also known as ‘The Heading Hill’ or 'Mote Hill', the Gowan is the site of an ancient Pictish Fort, this was the site of the execution of the aristocratic murderers of King James I, in 1437.

It is also the reported sighting of the rarest of Stirling’s supposed spooks – the White Lady.

Look on the internet for Stirling ghosts and - the Stirling GhostWalk aside - you will encounter many mentions of the mysterious White Lady of Rownam Avenue. A 'famous Stirling tale', according to Edwardian ghost-hunter extraordinaire, Elliot O'Donnell in his book 'Scottish Ghosts' (1912)

This is, in itself, a mystery, as there is not now and never has been a Rownam Avenue in or near Stirling, and the only known account of this 'famous' tale comes from...Elliot O’Donnell. Hmmmm!

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