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Do you have a special event that could be made more quaint and curious through an encounter with Stirling's Happy Hangman? Let us know.

Pre-booking is rarely required for scheduled public tours, but please check our Countdown Calendar - displayed at the top of each page - or 'Forthcoming & Special Events' in our Menu if you wish to reserve places for particular dates. To book, contact us on or through this page!

Heritage Events also offers creative services for the scripting, design, and development of local Guided Tours, Heritage Walks and GhostWalks at sites throughout the country. We've two decades of experience in producing 'Living History' drama programmes across Scotland.

A great way to bring communities together, taking pride in the history which make those communities truly unique, and a tool to encourage tourism, giving visitors a reason to stay longer and spend more in your area.

Contact us if you think we can help bring YOUR community's history alive!