Crime and Punishment in Stirling - Audio GuideCrime and Punishment, Old Town Jail

Twelve chapters of an audio history of Crime & Punishment in Stirling, produced for Destination Stirling's re-opening of the Old Town Jail visitor attraction in the summer of 2015 - are now available online.

Written and read by David Kinnaird, the Stirling GhostWalk's 'Happy Hangman' (and the Jail's Chief Warden!), it features many characters and stories which have been featured in the GhostWalks over the past 26 years...sometimes taking on a life of their own (as stories tend to do) far removed from their historical roots!

Recorded at the Stirling Tolbooth, and remixed by Barry Frame of The Audio Clinic.

01. Places of Punishment

02. Public Punishments  

03. The Workhouse & Transportation 

04. The Tolbooth & The Staffman 

05. Rogues' Gallery 

06. Heroes of Reform 

07. Reform & The New County Jail 

08. New Rules, Rights & Punishments 

09. Detention Barracks 

10. Dereliction & Restoration 

and two special sections devoted to

11. 'There's Nae Luck Aboot This House' (a poem written by a Stirling prisoner in the 1860s 

12. Baird & Hardie, The Radical Weavers 

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