Stirling ArcadeThe Stirling Arcade on King Street

 Britain's first purpose-built 'shopping mall' was built by William Crawford, china merchant and Town Councillor, at a cost of around £20,000 - opening it's doors to the public in 1881. It once boasted several pubs, a gentlemen's club and a fully functioning theatre and Music Hall and offered a great mix of independent retailers & businesses  in a welcoming, family-friendly environment

This tradition continues to the present day. Part of the former Music Hall is now a Yoga studio, and shoppers can find comic books, bridal wear, vegetarian cafes, skateboard and mobile phone accessories, a very fine Italian restaurant, and specialist lingerie amid the white walled Victorian splendour...a far cry fom the corseted and high-collared haberdashers, milliners and the like who first graced this beautiful building

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Open every day from 8am-5.30pm (individual shop times may vary). Find out more at

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