Old Town Tour

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For centuries the Stirling Bridge divided north from south, Highland from Lowland. William Wallace and Robert Bruce fought their most famous battles here, and Bonnie Prince Charlie's Jacobites besieged the ancient seat of his Royal Stuart ancestors, Stirling Castle, in 1746.

But there's more to the Royal Burgh than Kings and conflicts!

On the Old Town Tour you'll discover the strange, scary (and sometimes just plain silly) secrets of those who once walked our streets...from Jacobites and Roundheads to grave-robbers, Kings and Covenanters!

Ancient curses, bloody battles, sieges and slaughter...and all within a few minutes walk of some of the Old Town's most spectacular locations!

Your guide is David Kinnaird, actor, author and The stirling GhostWalk's notorious 'Happy Hangman'!

OLD TOWN TOUR has been discontinued as a regular scheduled event, but is STILL available for group or private booking.

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