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When Robert Burns scratched his famous 'Lines on Stirling' on a window pane of the Wingate Inn - now the Golden Lion Hotel, in King Street - back in 1787, Stirling Castle had fallen from glory. Once the favoured seat of the Scottish Kings, and known as the 'Key to Scotland' because of it's strategic role in the Wars of Independence, the 'Killing Time' of the 17th-century and the Jacobite Rebellions of the 18th, it was, by the time of Rabbie's visit to the Burgh, a grubby and neglected army garrison.

Here Stewarts once in glory reigned,
And laws for Scotland's weal ordained;
But now unroofed their palace stands,
Their sceptre's swayed by other hands;
Fallen, indeed, and to the earth
Whence grovelling reptiles take their birth,
The injured Stewart line is gone.
A race outlandish fills their throne;
An idiot race, to honour lost;
Who knows them best despite them most.

Through the ministrations of Historic Scotland, the Royal Apartments, Great Hall and Chapel Royal have been restored to splendour.

Stirling Castle is arguably the finest historical site not only in Stirling...but the whole of Scotland.

A fine place to visit before you savour the darker delights of the Stirling GhostWalk.

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Stirling Castle is open throughout the year. Visit


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