Sprinkle Happiness

The recent closure of John Cowane's Hospital have deprived visitors to the Old Town of the cakes, treats and snacks offered by Cowane's Coffee House. Sprinkle Happiness Logo

The Coffee House's proprietor, Sara MacMillan, has taken the closure as the opportunity to move on to bigger and better things - by focusing on her bespoke baking and catering business, Sprinkle Happiness - designing unique custom cakes for weddings, special occasions or....people who just really like cakes. Catering for small functions is also offered.

Fan's of Sara's infamous cakes and scones will be glad to know that her regular food blog, Next Door To The Castle, contains recipies for many of her most popular comestibles.

Then there’s that most distinctively Scottish of comestibles - the GREAT TASTE 2014 Award-Winning Fudge! Whisky, White Chocolate, Vanilla...always worth a bite, or two. Or possibly three.Sprinkle Happiness

Should you have a need for a custom cake or enough tablet to build a house, seek out Sprinkle Happiness.

For Further Information:

Contact Sara at sara@sprinklehappiness.co.uk, or Telephone 07814 135326

Or visit Next Door To The Castle at http://www.nextdoortothecastle.com/

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