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Patricia Brannigan has been a regular performer on the Stirling GhostWalk for fifteen years, now, playing everything from the Happy Hangman’s long-suffering Changelings Patriciaspouse, Tibbie Cawker, and the insane Countess Mar to a sinister Selkie, a Celtic Vampire and even Mab, the Faerie Queen. The more fanciful the character, the more likely it is that these fantasy figures will be costumed by Patricia, herself.

Having been asked by audiences many times over the years where she obtained her characters’ accessories, Patricia now offers a variety of handmade limited-edition items via the Folksy site, under the ‘Changelings’ banner.

Current items include 'Frozen' Inspired Fairytale Gauntlets Arm Warmers, Boot Cuffs and Leg Warmers, Long Arm Fingerless Fairytale Gauntlets, and Lace Choker Necklace Collar With Crystal Effect Beads and Satin Ribbon...and a range of Gothic influenced items will be available soon.Changelings Lace Choker

50% of all profits from these items goes to the Eilidh Brown Fund - further information on which can be found on our 'Out & About' index!

 Changelings Gauntlets

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