BannockburnBattle of Bannockburn

Past visitors to the old Bannockburn Visitor Centre on the Glasgow Road - which celebrated King Robert the Bruce's victory against the armies of Edward II, in 1314, and brought an end to the Wars of Independence with England - are in for something of a surprise...with the opening, this year, of the new Battle of Bannockburn attraction. Medieval warfare has just gone high-tech!

The famous statue of of The Bruce, astride his stately steed, has been given a good polish. He's not the only thing that is bright and shiny. The old static displays are gone, replaced with interactive 3D CGI-generated views of the battle, and of those who lived and died on the field...and visitors can play their part, taking command of archers, cavalry and foot-soldiers on both sides as part of computerised war games...guided by the passionate and knowledgeable Games Master.

As someone once said 'everything old is new again'!

Further Information

The new Battle of Bannockburn attraction opened in March 2014, and is open every day. Visit for details. Tel: 0844 4932139

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